Month: January 2020

Dear Earth, we tie ourselves in knots.

We have a furry blanket to snuggle under when watching TV, and when it’s not over our knees we fold it and rest it on the back of the sofa. Roshi, pictured, has deemed this a fine place for a morning nap. This reminds me of butterflies, charging up by spreading their wings and basking Read More

Dear Earth, I am not the forest.

From here I can see the buds on the naked magnolia tree. They tip every branch like a frozen flame – silvery white, small, quiet. Each of them is busy gestating a single bloom. I’d love to be the whole tree. I’d love to exude all that sweet perfume. I’d love to be frothy with Read More

Dear Earth, gently does it.

Today is my last day off before work begins again. As usual, parts of me have ambitious plans for the year. Become super-rich-and-famous, single-handedly save the world – that kinda thing. My word for 2020 has been travelling with me – a constant companion in a way no previous word has been. It crouches delicately Read More

Dear Earth, what six things do you need from us in 2020?

One. You need us to enjoy you. You need us to lean into your soft brilliant mosses and watch the flamingo-pink cyclamen pirouette up from your dark skin. You need us to be wowed by your star-blanket and your talking trees and your luminous deep sea creatures. You need us to know that your raindrops Read More

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