Month: October 2019

Dear Earth, I am frightened.

I didn’t think I’d be planning for my arrest. I didn’t think I’d be using this week of holiday to stand on a cold, rainy bridge in London and speak up for you. I didn’t think I’d learn new words like kettling or bust cards, and discuss the relative merits of superglue or steel cable Read More

Dear Earth,this sustains me.

The underwater sucker sounds of my cat Tsuki diligently washing her elbows. The wild streaks of red in the morning sky, sighing into blue. The knobbly glass candle on my shrine and its halo of god. The mug of redbush tea that my husband brings me, steaming and fragrant, a precious golden cargo. The wonders Read More

Dear Earth, I’m a happy bunny.

Yesterday I was feeling totally overwhelmed. There was too much to do before the rebellion this Monday. I was frightened about what I was letting myself in for. After waking up to your grave prognosis, dear Earth, I was missing my old comfy-in-denial life. Today I am happy. What changed? A good night’s sleep. A Read More