Month: October 2019

Dear Earth, this is the grief.

This is the grief I found like an underwater lake, vast and luminous. This is the grief that wakes me at 4 a.m. to stare at the ceiling, my heart trembling. This is the grief that follows me with a shadow of guilt. It has a bright lining of anger, and every so often it Read More

Dear Earth, what should I do now?

This rebellion is over. What should I do now? I have struggled with this question for most of my life. I have a tendency to take on too much – to cram too many appointments into my diary, and squeeze in too many responsibilities. I gasp for air around the edges, and yet when blank Read More

Dear Earth, it’s too late.

This morning I wanted to write something that would bring us all together, dear Earth, in our shared desire to heal you. And then I remembered that it was too late. There are already people who think that the way we’re doing things is wrong. There are people from within our movement who disagree gravely Read More

Dear Earth, I kiss your skin.

I kiss the furry forehead of my cat as I stoop to his purring gratitude. I kiss the rim of my speckled stoneware mug, full of golden tea. I kiss the face of my phone which connects me to so many. I kiss the softness of my husband’s neck. I blow kisses to mountain tops, Read More

Dear Earth, help hold me steady.

Dear Earth, help hold me steady. The ground underneath me is moving like shook silk. My life here looks the same as before – plentiful food, clothes to wash, money to earn, ordinary beauty. And yet, the sound of police helicopters are tattooed into my ears. I dream of the dread of losing territory, and Read More

Dear Earth, I sobbed as they arrested me.

I wasn’t upset about my criminal record, the blank hours ahead of me in a cell, court, the fine. I didn’t feel unsafe. As the police carried me away, they checked four times if they were hurting me, if I was okay. I wasn’t ashamed, after a lifetime of being a good girl, of not Read More

Dear Earth, I am frightened.

I didn’t think I’d be planning for my arrest. I didn’t think I’d be using this week of holiday to stand on a cold, rainy bridge in London and speak up for you. I didn’t think I’d learn new words like kettling or bust cards, and discuss the relative merits of superglue or steel cable Read More

Dear Earth,this sustains me.

The underwater sucker sounds of my cat Tsuki diligently washing her elbows. The wild streaks of red in the morning sky, sighing into blue. The knobbly glass candle on my shrine and its halo of god. The mug of redbush tea that my husband brings me, steaming and fragrant, a precious golden cargo. The wonders Read More

Dear Earth, I’m a happy bunny.

Yesterday I was feeling totally overwhelmed. There was too much to do before the rebellion this Monday. I was frightened about what I was letting myself in for. After waking up to your grave prognosis, dear Earth, I was missing my old comfy-in-denial life. Today I am happy. What changed? A good night’s sleep. A Read More

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