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Dear Earth, I am tiny.

I am one of your seven point seven billion humans. Just 1, out of 7000000000. Since I was born, you have given me all I need. Your dark crumbly earth has fed me. Your clear water has quenched my thirst. Your raw materials have clothed me, housed me, entertained me, inspired me. Your rich atmosphere Read More

Dear Earth, I have a question.

I committed to the challenge of not buying any new clothes for a year. I’m taking part in the rebellion in October, and I’m afraid of being cold on the bridge at night. My coat is thin. I can’t find a good second hand one. Do I buy a shiny new one? Do I carry Read More

Dear Earth, I trusted them.

I trusted the scientists. If they discovered our house was burning, I thought they would scream ‘fire! fire!’ until we were all out and safe. I trusted the media. I thought they would make the climate crisis front page news until we acted to save their children. I thought they would tell the truth. I Read More

Dear Earth, breakfast was astonishing.

Just ordinary porridge with cinnamon and toasted sunflower seeds. Where did you grow my oats, Earth? You grew them in Cherrywood, New Zealand. They ate and drank with their toes from your dark soil, and your brother fed them with light. Sunflower seeds, cute nuggets of goodness my Little Dog loves – born on flowers Read More

Dear Earth, we are all hungry babies.

At the weekend my jagged edges rubbed up against the jagged edges of someone I love, and sparks flew. We were both wrung out and dispirited. We were at the end of our rope, and we fell. When we are tired, hungry, angry or lonely, we can lose access to our compassion. We don’t notice Read More

Dear Earth, not being in denial sucks.

I knew about climate change for half my life. I knew about the greenhouse effect and the disappearing rainforest. I knew we were heading in a bad direction. My life went on as before. What changed? Why am I now waking in the night, my adrenaline fizzing? Why am I obsessively reading the news? Why Read More

Dear Earth, help me receive your love.

We were visited by an 88 year old Reverend Canon, the friend of a member of our Buddhist congregation. She joined us for service, chanting nembutsu, circumambulating around the tall golden Buddha, and bowing as far as her body would allow her to. Afterwards over decaffeinated coffee she spoke of a retreat she’d recently attended. Read More

Dear Earth, I feel superior

Yesterday I became a skull person and, with fellow rebels, walked slowly and silently through the streets of Worcester. We were delivering a letter about our disappointment in the County Council, who have failed to declare a climate emergency. As I walked, I felt sad. Everyone was going about their business as if nothing was Read More

Dear Earth, thank you for denial

When I think about the dying earth right now, I don’t feel a thing. Swathes of denial are shifting around me, like layered suits of armour. This denial gets a bad name. We think that we’d be better off without it, and others too. Surely if everyone had their denial pulled away from them, people Read More

Dear Earth, it’s too much.

On waking, I read of Hurricane Dorian. These extreme weather furies have always happened on your body, Dear Earth, and crushed us like ants under an elephant’s foot. The scientists tell us that we have already made the weather gods more capricious, and that in the coming years more and more of us will be Read More

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