Author: Satya

Dear Earth, he made me cry

We were watching men and women run alongside the lake. They were two thirds into their 10 kilometres. You were too hot, Earth, as if you had a fever. People were struggling – pouring sweat, beetroot coloured, their bodies moving in tortured caricatures. He was standing next to us. He was calling out encouragement as Read More

Dear Earth, are holidays allowed?

I’m just back from a holiday in Shropshire with Little Dog and my husband. As I walked along Ellesmere lake eating ice-cream, dear Earth, I knew that your lungs were burning. How can I sit in cafés or visit castles or read trashy detective novels when I could be doing something to help you, Earth? Read More

Dear Earth, am I a good guy?

I really want to be a good guy. I buy ethical toilet paper. I just signed the petition to stop the burning rainforest. I run a temple and I work as a psychotherapist and I try really really hard to be good. Just look at me meditating in front of the Buddha! I would at Read More

Dear Earth, a confession

Earth, whenever I do the washing up, I betray you. I have a natural sponge, which would at least dissolve back into your lap when I’m done with it. Instead I choose the bright plastic sponge, because I prefer the way it hugs the contours of the plates. I choose the sponge that will spoil Read More

Dear Earth, let me introduce myself

My name is Satya and I’m one of the teensy-weensy creatures living on your back. I’m told there are 8.7 million species of us here. I’m one of the 7.53 billion humans. Hello. I’m writing to you because I want to say three things: thank you, sorry, and please. I want to thank you for Read More

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