Month: November 2019

Dear Earth, let’s practice praising.

Let’s praise the man who upset me yesterday, for showing me a corner of myself which is bitter and hurting, and which needs more soft attention. Let’s praise the battered stalks of kale, stripped naked up to their shoulders, for having spared us some leaves after plumping up several armies of caterpillars. Let’s praise the Read More

Dear Earth, this morning I was woken by death.

He came in the form of our cat Fatty, yelling for his breakfast. He gained his silly nickname almost two decades ago when the vet told us he was a bit too pudgy. It’s become ironic, as he’s a bag of bones. He’s on three kinds of medication. He’s completely deaf, his back legs are Read More

Dear Earth, I made peanut butter cookies.

The recipe is saved on my computer as ‘yummy cookies’. They contain a high percentage of peanut butter, and so are short in a way that I miss as a vegan – crumbly and rich and delicious. And generously studded with chocolate chunks, of course. After they came out of the oven and I tested Read More

Dear Earth, I had a little meltdown.

Today I had the whole morning free to work on my new e-course. I began by setting up the mechanics of the automated emails. I encountered a technical problem, and then another, and then another. Over the course of an hour, a tangled knot formed in my stomach and tightened and tightened. Eventually it exploded Read More

Dear Earth, thank you for little dogs.

I’m not a natural walker. As a child I couldn’t see the point of walking unless there was something good at the end of it – a park, or maybe a sweet shop. I hoped that getting a dog would encourage me out of your buildings, Earth, and under the high ceilings of your skies. Read More

Dear Earth, forgive me for using you as a mirror.

Us humans are experts at using objects as extensions of our delicate selves. I look in my wallet and think, ‘new gloves for me’. I look at my cat and think, ‘purr for me’. I glance at your autumn colours, a procession of fiery finery, and think, ‘cold out, a cosy evening inside for me’. Read More

Dear Earth, such mouth-watering colours on your trees Read More

Dear Earth, I get so angry at climate deniers.

I’m not usually an angry person. I can live and let live. And, when people tell me that the facts of global heating or the dying coral are confected conspiracy, darling Earth, I get so angry that I don’t know what to do about it. I’m wondering what’s going on for me. I get that, Read More

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