Dear Earth, are holidays allowed?

I’m just back from a holiday in Shropshire with Little Dog and my husband. As I walked along Ellesmere lake eating ice-cream, dear Earth, I knew that your lungs were burning. How can I sit in cafés or visit castles or read trashy detective novels when I could be doing something to help you, Earth? Read More

Dear Earth, am I a good guy?

I really want to be a good guy. I buy ethical toilet paper. I just signed the petition to stop the burning rainforest. I run a temple and I work as a psychotherapist and I try really really hard to be good. Just look at me meditating in front of the Buddha! I would at Read More

Dear Earth, a confession

Earth, whenever I do the washing up, I betray you. I have a natural sponge, which would at least dissolve back into your lap when I’m done with it. Instead I choose the bright plastic sponge, because I prefer the way it hugs the contours of the plates. I choose the sponge that will spoil Read More

Dear Earth, let me introduce myself

My name is Satya and I’m one of the teensy-weensy creatures living on your back. I’m told there are 8.7 million species of us here. I’m one of the 7.53 billion humans. Hello. I’m writing to you because I want to say three things: thank you, sorry, and please. I want to thank you for Read More

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