Month: September 2019

Dear Earth, thank you for denial

When I think about the dying earth right now, I don’t feel a thing. Swathes of denial are shifting around me, like layered suits of armour. This denial gets a bad name. We think that we’d be better off without it, and others too. Surely if everyone had their denial pulled away from them, people Read More

Dear Earth, it’s too much.

On waking, I read of Hurricane Dorian. These extreme weather furies have always happened on your body, Dear Earth, and crushed us like ants under an elephant’s foot. The scientists tell us that we have already made the weather gods more capricious, and that in the coming years more and more of us will be Read More

Dear Earth, thanks for laps.

Before my first cup of tea, I sat in the temple garden and looked out across the mist-pooled valley. The sun was bright and there was an autumnal freshness in the air. As often happens, our little dog Aiko climbed onto my lap and observed the morning with me. Laps are good places to be. Read More

Dear Earth, it’s 4am & I’m frightened

The lights are on and I’m sitting up in bed with my laptop. There are three cats on the bed, one of them purring. The temple is quiet. Earlier this evening twenty of us sat in a circle and explored the facts of the current state of your health, beloved Earth. We were asked how Read More

Dear Earth, I want to enjoy you

I want to enjoy you while I still can. That can be difficult when my head fills up with a tangle of plotting and self-recrimination and hopelessness and oughts. I forget to gather flowers from the garden and make posies for my little vases. I forget to pluck a sweet blueberry or two on the Read More

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